A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This game was made in two weeks for Adventure Jam 2017.

Unbeknownst to her boyfriend Terrell, Cheyenne puts on a costume each night and defends the city as a superhero. It's a secret she's been keeping from him a long time. But now Terrel has been kidnapped by one of the city's super villains!

She has to discover which villain kidnapped Terrell, find their base, and rescue him, and she has one day to do it.

You're My Hero is a combination point and click adventure and action game. As in any point and click adventure, you'll have to collect items, talk to people to find clues, and use your wits and your inventory to accomplish your goal.

But when all else fails, sometimes you're just going to have to kick some butt! That's when the game switches to action platformer mode and you take down the bad guys.

Game Controls

Adventure Scenes

-Walk: click on the ground

-Run: double-click on the ground. Remember this, because you will have to use it.

-Interact: Left click on the person or thing you want to interact with

-Choose Interaction: Right click to choose which interaction

-Inventory: Move the mouse to the top of the screen and the inventory bar will drop down. You can right click to choose an interaction here too. Use the "look" interaction to examine the item or the "use" interaction to select it. Once selected, the item can be used on people or things in the world or other inventory items.

Action Scenes

-Walk Right: hold the 'd' key

-Walk Left: hold the 'a' key

-Run: hold down left shift while pressing one of the direction keys above

-Jump: space bar

-Primary Attack: Left click

-Secondary Attack: Right click

A Note to Linux Users

Due to a known bug in Unity at the time of this build, the mouse cursor may not appear when running in full screen mode. It works fine for me, but it doesn't for other people. If it does happen for you, running in windowed mode should still work.


Windows 418 MB
Linux 434 MB


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Has potential.  I like the cross between point-n-click and side-scroller battler.

Here are some issues I found:

  • During the first fight sequence, after leaving apartment-- I opened settings to check controls.  When I left the menu and returned to the game I could not move anymore and all controls were inactive.  I had to quit game.
  • Can't walk over dead bodies, instead have to jump way high over them.
  • Could really use a parry to block attacks
  • Would be nice to be able to hold down LMB to advance through dialog faster

Thank you very much for the comments.

  • I will look into this problem. To give me a clearer idea where to look, did you exit the pause menu by clicking the "resume" button or by pressing the esc key? (btw, the game autosaves, so you should be able to load and get back to where you were without completing the first section again.)
  • Are you completely certain that you had to jump way high like was it the same as if they were standing? I'm trying to figure out if this is a collider bug that is keeping the collider in the standing position, or designed behavior. It was designed so you have to jump over dead bodies, but the collider should be pretty low, matching the body on the ground.
  • I will consider putting a parry in. I'm a bit concerned this would make the fighting sections too easy if instead of avoiding the attacks, you could just press a button and block them.
  • You can skip dialog after 1 second. The first time you click LMB it completes the scrolling dialog and the second time it skips it. This is to avoid people accidentally skipping dialog which happens all the time in game that don't have a skip delay, and can be quite annoying.

I am able to reproduce the control lock with the following steps:

  • Start game, spam left click
  • Pick a backstory
  • Pick a name
  • Exit apartment
  • Press `esc`
  • Select controls
  • Press `esc` twice to exit controls and menu

I personally think I should be able to walk over the bodies but it's your game :-D

Parry should not be an instant block that you can hold down, but something that must be timed correctly.  It's a tricky thing to get right because now you probably need wind-up animations for every attack as well balancing the parry window.  It's just something to think about.  I'm having a hard time finding a good strategy to fights other than tanking hits.

Another thing, it would be nice when starting a new game to get a warning that the old game is going to be overwritten.  I ended up overwriting an existing game I had when I started the game up and accidentally selected `new` instead of `restore`.  I quit the game immediately and now `restore` went to the brand new game  :-(

Thanks for the additional info. The overwrite warning is a very good idea! I find a good strategy when fighting (especially in the first fight level) is to jump over the enemy and attack from behind before he can turn around, then get out of the way before he swings at you.