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Unbeknownst to her boyfriend Terrell, Cheyenne puts on a costume each night and defends the city as a superhero. It's a secret she's been keeping from him a long time. But now Terrel has been kidnapped by one of the city's super villains!

She has to discover which villain kidnapped Terrell, find their base, and rescue him, and she has one day to do it.

You're My Hero is a combination point and click adventure and action game. As in any point and click adventure, you'll have to collect items, talk to people to find clues, and use your wits and your inventory to accomplish your goal.

But when all else fails, sometimes you're just going to have to kick some butt! That's when the game switches to action platformer mode and you take down the bad guys.

Game Controls

Adventure Scenes

-Walk: click on the ground

-Run: double-click on the ground. Remember this, because you will have to use it.

-Interact: Left click on the person or thing you want to interact with

-Choose Interaction: Right click to choose which interaction

-Inventory: Move the mouse to the top of the screen and the inventory bar will drop down. You can right click to choose an interaction here too. Use the "look" interaction to examine the item or the "use" interaction to select it. Once selected, the item can be used on people or things in the world or other inventory items.

Action Scenes

-Walk Right: hold the 'd' key

-Walk Left: hold the 'a' key

-Run: hold down left shift while pressing one of the direction keys above

-Jump: space bar

-Primary Attack: Left click

-Secondary Attack: Right click

A Note to Linux Users

Due to a known bug in Unity, the mouse cursor may not appear when
running in full screen mode. It works fine for me, but it doesn't for
other people. Unity has found the issue, and a fix is forthcoming in a
later version of Unity. In the meantime, if it does happen for you,
running in windowed mode should still work.

Also notice that the Linux download is an xz file because I couldn't get gzip to compress small enough for itchio.


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Windows 418 MB
Linux 434 MB

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